3 Movement Practices for Release, Balance, and Surrender

Enjoy easy access to these simple movement practices to come back to again and again whenever you need a dose of release, balance, or surrender. In any given week, I'll go through all three! 

Pop on a video and follow along with my voice, or put on music of your own and explore. I like to keep my journal close by to jot down anything that arises. 

let go of what's no longer serving you



Start by shaking your right hand vigorously for 30 seconds. Hold that up to your left hand as though you're holding a globe. Can you feel the difference? Does your right hand feel alive and vibrant?

In as little as 10 minutes, you can get that life force energy pulsating through your entire being. Keep it super simple and turn on your favorite song. Shake each part of your body for 10-15 seconds, setting your intention to release everything that is no longer serving you.

Don't be afraid to get crazy with it! Get down on your back and shake your legs in the air. Rock your hips back and forth and wake up your pelvis. Let your tongue hang out and release any sounds that want to come out. If you feel ridiculous, you're doing it right (proof: see video).

Shake as long as it takes to let it all melt away. Try closing your eyes or wearing a blindfold to go deeper into the invisible realms.


Can you feel the release? What sensations or emotions came up for you?

Are you more alert and awake? Do you feel energetically drained?

In what ways do you feel more deeply connected with your body?

build a balance 



Sit upright in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Take 3 deep belly breaths here, pushing the stomach out on the inhale and drawing the belly button into the spine on the exhale. Bring your awareness to the space between the breaths, dissolving into pure, still silence.

Invite subtle movement into your body as the energy starts to rise, swaying your body from left to right. Snake the arms and roll the neck, allowing movement to arise from the stillness. Trust the flow that’s guiding you and move with grace, elegance, and ease.

Plant your feet into the ground and feel the shakti energy emanating from Mother Earth. Allow it to lift you and guide you around the room, moving freely. Following the breath, visualize energy flowing from the base of the spine to the heart, and from the heart to the crown and back. You may feel a vibrant electricity, tingling, or expansive, buzzing sensation. That is shakti moving through your center channel.

When it feels right, bring yourself back to stillness. Let the energy dissolve back into pure consciousness. You can switch back and forth between stillness and movement until it feels complete.


Can you visualize the energy flowing back to one point of awareness? Can you dissolve everything back to the space between the breaths?

What came most naturally to you ~ stillness or movement? Do you feel more balance after cultivating both? 

the universe has your back



Lie down on your back in a comfortable place, like your bed or on a yoga mat on the floor. Bring your awareness to the back of your body, exploring the points of contact with the surface beneath you. Take a few deep breaths to drop into this space of total surrender, knowing you are held and safe. 

Start to move mindfully, massaging the back body into the floor. Sway the arms, round the back, roll the hips. Make shapes you've never made. With each movement, release your worries and need to control over to a higher power. In this moment, there is no need to DO ~ just BE. You can do this for as long as it feels good and juicy!

When you start to feel complete, sweep the arms up overhead and hug the knees into the chest. Roll from side-to-side to massage the sacrum area. Continue with any last movements that evoke a sense of trust and serenity. 

To finish, allow any shred of effort to dissolve into shavasana, the final resting pose, with your arms and legs extended. Send love and gratitude to the universe for always being there, keeping you safe and held. 


Do you still feel the need to control? Does bringing awareness to the back of the body allow you to release and let go?

How can you surrender 10% more in your day-to-day life? 

Do you feel a deeper connection with a higher power? Can you find more trust and serenity within your own body?

Do you want to make life even more pleasurable by getting in touch with your body's innate wisdom? Are you ready to find your voice and become the woman you were always meant to be? I'd love to help you come home to your body. Let's schedule time to connect.