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Activate Your Masculine and Feminine Fire

Join us this Father's Day as we celebrate the upcoming Summer Solstice and the shift into fiery, yang energy (typically known as our masculine energy). Not sure what that means? Come and find out! We'll give you the rundown on how to make sure your inner fire stays burning ~ whether you claim it as feminine or masculine! 

The circle includes: 
- Polarity exercises to tune into your yin/yang, lunar/solar, feminine/masculine energies
- The opportunity to reflect in silence and share in community
- Exciting intention setting for the Summer Solstice
- A warm and welcoming environment
- Healthy snacks & tea

What to bring: 
- An open heart and mind
- Sacred objects (crystals, flowers, jewelry, etc.) to add to the altar if you'd like
- Journal and pen

Hope to see you all there!
Suggested Donation: $10